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sabato 1 aprile 2023

US Poker Open: event #5 won by Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth returns to win and does so in event #5 of the US Poker Open, the $10,000 No Limit Hold'em which saw the participation of 88 players with a prize pool of $880,000 and a first coin of $211,200.

Poker Brat authentic star performer on the final day which resumed with 7 players still in the running. Hellmuth first eliminated Darren Elias and Allan Le, then made it with A-K against A-Q Aram Oganyan. George Wolff stops at the foot of the podium while Jesse Lonis exits in 3rd place, always eliminated by the hand of Hellmuth who then leaves no way out even to Jeremy Ausmus in the final head-to-head, concluded in a great way by Poker Brat who hits even a color scale to complete the job.


1st Phil Hellmuth United States $211,200

2nd Jeremy Ausmus United States $149,600

3rd Jesse Lonis United States $105,600

4th George Wolff United States $88,000

5th Aram Oganyan United States $70,400

6th Allan Le United States $52,800

7th Darren Elias United States $44,000


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