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sabato 12 novembre 2016

Trump victory a big win for Sporting Index

Sporting Index has reported a successful U.S. presidential election night with Donald Trump's win set to result in a six figure profit for the leading spread betting company.

The firm were best price on Hillary Clinton for two months and still ended up with a pro-Hillary book. There was unprecedented interest in the election and a huge number of bets were taken after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, all the way through to the early hours.

On Monday, Clinton was expected to win 325 electoral college votes with Trump predicted to land just 213.

The market proved hugely volatile over the past 24 hours and the Republican candidate has come out comfortably on top in another surprising election.

Ed Fulton, political trading spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "Five months of hard work has gone into our election book, covering all of the scandals, midnight suspensions of markets and more.

"The most divisive election in history has also proved to be one of the most volatile. While many expected Hillary to walk away with the keys to the White House, we were happy to take her on and that has paid off. The further Trump wins by the better for us."


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