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sabato 8 ottobre 2016

Pala presents Ghostly Gallery giveaway

Every player at Pala Casino Spa and Resort can win a share of $134,900 starting Monday, October 24, until Sunday, 27 November, in the casino's $134,900 Ghostly Gallery Giveaway promotion. It is free to play, but players must be enrolled in the Pala Privileges Club to enter. Privileges cards are free in the casino at the Privileges Center.

Thirty winners will share $101,000 starting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, 30 November, in the Grand Prize drawing. And, four players will win cash prizes starting at 10 a.m., Monday, 28 November, in the $1,300 Bonus Giveaway.

Participants can play Ghostly Gallery video machines free in the casino once every 24 hours, with no casino play required. But, if a player earns 25 or more points while playing their favorite game in a 24-hour period, they can play an additional Ghostly Gallery game.

For every Portrait on the Wall selected, a player will receive between 1-35 entries into the grand prize drawing. For every Ghost With Cash or the Golden Ghost, they will receive between 40-60 additional entries. If they find all four Ghosts with Cash, they will win one entry into the $1,300 Bonus Giveaway on Monday, 28 November, and if they get all four Ghosts With Cash and the Golden Ghost, they will win two entries into the $1,300 Bonus Giveaway.

At 10 a.m., Monday, 28 November, four entrants will win a share of $1,300 in a manual drawing. First place will win $500; second, $400; third, $300, and fourth, $100. The winners need not be present. They will be notified by telephone and will have 14 days to claim prizes.

Based on Privileges card play levels, each entry earned will be subject to entry multipliers. Entries won by Regular Privileges members will be multiplied by one; Pearl, two; Gold card members by three; Platinum by four and Elite by five.

Registered hotel guests who stay overnight from 24 October until 27 November, will receive bonus Grand Prize drawing entries at the rate of one entry per week.

Those who play slot machines, table games and live poker with their Privileges card during the promotion will receive 10 free bonus entries into the Grand Prize drawings for every tier point earned. Those who play online with their MyPala account may also earn additional entries. Online entries must be redeemed within seven days of issue by visiting Pala and playing the Ghostly Gallery kiosk game.


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