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sabato 8 ottobre 2016

Remington Park unveils casino renovation

Remington Park officials are marking the completion of a multi-month casino renovation.

Updates to the casino include new carpeting, ceiling, paint, decorative fixtures and signage. The renovations also included the installation of several new electronic games in the Winzone. The casino's layout, including the bar area, was also reconfigured.

A highlight of the project is an extensive new lighting system, consisting of nearly a dozen synchronized light shows. The shows consist of special lights to mark days when the University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State University are playing football games; red, white and blue lights for patriotic celebrations; flashing lights for jackpots; and themed lights for holidays like Christmas or St. Patrick's Day.

"We want to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience each time they visit," said Scott Wells, the track's president and general manager. "With a new and dazzling look, the Remington Park casino can continue to offer visitors the world-class gaming experience they've come to expect."

The casino remained open throughout the renovation. Track officials took special care to work during off-peak times in order to limit interruption to guests.

Track officials will celebrate the completion of the project with an event called The Big Reveal on 12 to 13 October. The celebration will include a number of specials and promotions.

The casino opened in November 2005 and revenue from its operation is credited with helping boost horse racing prize money and improving the quality of racing at Remington Park, track officials said. In addition, a portion of revenues from the casino go to a state education fund. That contribution exceeds $155 million.


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