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sabato 21 novembre 2015

Massachusetts Attorney General proposes regulations for daily fantasy sports industry

Attorney General Maura Healey today proposed first-of-their-kind consumer protection regulations for the new and rapidly evolving daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry to ensure that players are protected and that minors can't access the sites.

The draft regulations, to be filed with the Secretary of State's office Friday, lay out a significant number of consumer protections that include prohibiting play by minors, ensuring more truthful advertising, and an increase in transparency. The regulations also require protection of players' deposits and robust data and security measures, address problem gamblers, and require changes to games to provide a more level playing field for all consumers.

The AG's office began its review of the industry earlier this year, and continues that investigation. The regulations proposed today are an immediate response to some of the concerns the office has uncovered in the course of its review to protect consumers immediately.

"These regulations are a first of their kind for the daily fantasy sports industry, and they focus on protecting minors, ensuring truthful advertising, bringing more transparency to the industry, and leveling the playing field for all consumers," AG Healey said. "This is a first step, but an important step, as we continue to evaluate this new industry and make sure our laws keep up with these evolving technologies."

The AG's office has met several times with representatives from DFS companies, requested and analyzed extensive information, and uncovered a number of concerns about their business practices and the ability of consumers to have a fair shot while playing these games.


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