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sabato 2 dicembre 2023

AGA: National economic impact of the US gaming industry 2023

The gaming industry has a expansive impact on the U.S. economy – providing stable jobs to nearly two million Americans and generating billions of dollars in tax revenue. This research represents the first comprehensive report on the gaming industry’s national economic impact since 2018.

The gaming industry supports a total economic impact including:

- $329 billion of output (business sales)
- 1.8 million jobs with $104 billion of labor income (wages, salaries, tips, benefits and other labor income)
- $53 billion of federal, state and local taxes, including $13.5 billion of gaming taxes

The gaming industry directly employs more than 700,000 people in the U.S. This includes nearly 600,000 jobs on-site at casinos and corporate offices, more than 23,000 at U.S.-based operations of gaming manufacturers, and 89,000 at businesses providing goods and services to casino patrons during casino trips.


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