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sabato 1 luglio 2023

'Suki_The_Sav' outlasts competition on the virtual felt in the WSOP

After close to 13 hours on the virtual felts on, "Suki_The_Sav" took down Online Event #11: $888 NL Hold'em Crazy 8's after defeating "Jautiena" in a lengthy heads-up battle. A total of 1,050 players who rebought 629 times created a prize pool of $1,343,200, with the top 248 finding a cash. "Suki_The_Sav" took down the top prize of $227,000 and the coveted gold bracelet. Although not much is known about "Suki_The_Sav", they managed to navigate the tough field to become victorious with an impressive show of skill. A star-studded field joined the action throughout the day, and some who were fortunate enough to find a return on their investment included popular poker YouTubers Andrew "GrandpaEd" Neeme (94th - $2,014) and Johnnie "JohnnieVIBES" Moreno (85th - $2,283). Also bracelet winners Benjamin "TheChyGuy" Ector (59th - $3,358), Koray "Seatscramble" Aldemir (52nd - $3,895), Jeff "NedrudRelyt" Madsen (45th - $4,566), and Ari "PalmTreeB" Engel (17th - $8,462), who ran his ace-eight into queen-jack of Julio "PrsFinest" Clavell who hit a queen on the river to send the two-time bracelet winner out in 17th place. The official eight-handed final table had an average stack of just under 20 big blinds, but with the big pay jumps, the action started off slow. The first casualty came when Cameron "cammy3399" Drucker was all in with ace-jack against the ace-queen for Dana "propjoe" Muse and Andrew "GudLife" Moreno with nines. The board didn't improve Drucker and he was sent to the exit in eighth place. A few hands later, Muse got it in ahead with ace-nine against the king-queen for "Jautiena", but when the river fell a queen, it was the end of the road for Muse as they were eliminated in seventh place. "AbleBaker" was next to go when they got their last few blinds in with ace-five against the eight-deuce for Clavell, who hit a pair of twos to send "AbleBaker" out in sixth place. Moreno came into the final table as one of the biggest stacks, but after some unfortunate hands, found himself on a short stack. Moreno was in the blinds with only a couple big blinds left and called off with six-five against the eight-six for "Jautiena." The board didn't help Moreno, and he was sent to the rail in fifth place. Four-handed went on for some time before Clavell moved in with ace-four from the small blind and was snap-called by "Suki_The_Sav" in the big blind with pocket sevens. The board ran out with no ace, and Clavell was eliminated in fourth place. Ryan "BitC0in" Riess maneuvered his way to three-handed play but got his short stack in with king-three suited against the pocket sevens for "Suki_The_Sav". The lucky sevens for "Suki_The_Sav" scored the pot and the former Main Event champion was out in third for a six-figure score. Heads-up play started with "Suki_The_Sav" and "Jautiena" within less than a big blind apart of each other, and the battle went on for over an hour. "Jautiena" took the early lead and looked like the match would soon be over, however, "Suki_The_Sav" found a double with ace-queen against king-queen and the match was back to even. Soon later, "Suki_The_Sav" flopped quads to take another pot to take the lead. In the final hand, "Suki_The_Sav" moved all in with king-five to put pressure on "Jautiena", who called with ace-deuce for their tournament life. The flop fell a five, and the rest of the board was no help to "Jautiena", who finished in the runner-up position.


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