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sabato 22 ottobre 2022

PokerMatch joins Playtech iPoker network

Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology company, welcomed PokerMatch to its iPoker network, one of the largest and well established poker rooms in Eastern Europe.

"We at PokerMatch are both inspired and excited to be part of the iconic iPoker network,” said Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International. “Partnership with such a well-established partner as Playtech will undoubtedly become one of the most important achievements for our company.

 PokerMatch is only six years old, and we are happy with the growth and successes we have achieved in such a short time – and this partnership with Playtech marks an important milestone in that growth. The credit goes to the whole team. I wish success to our new alliance and thank our colleagues at Playtech for easy, fast and professional communication.”

Focused on growth in regulated markets worldwide, in line with Playtech’s wider strategy, the iPoker network is one of the best established and longest-running networks in the industry and offers an excellent liquidity pool, backed by prime software and services developed to comply with regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

“We are really excited to welcome PokerMatch to the iPoker network”, said Marat Koss, VP of Interactive Gaming at Playtech. “In just six short years, PokerMatch has significantly developed and expanded its business to become a major player in Eastern Europe – a potentially key growth region for the wider industry. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with PokerMatch as it continues to grow and break new records.”

PokerMatch is continuing to develop its offering, presenting players with new and exciting opportunities for a successful and enjoyable gaming experience, including increased guarantees in tournaments and series, exciting and profitable promotions, modern and versatile software, and a field of players from all over the world to compete with at any time.

The poker room also promises special bonuses to make playing on the new platform an entertaining experience. The company will soon report all the details of the transition process on the PokerMatch website and on social networks.


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