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sabato 9 luglio 2022

Playson changes fruit slots with Juice Inc.

Playson, the fast-growing digital entertainment supplier, has launched Juice Inc., a pioneering slot which promises an immersive and high-octane gaming experience.

The readily available game features a fascinating design which gives the impression of working in a juice factory, with the reels and gameplay replicating the juice extraction process. While a dimly lit display invites players to the action and generates a warm ambience.

The 1x3 slot has just one payline and four main symbols: Lemon, Apple, Cherry and a crucial X symbol. With three winning combinations, the journey towards cash prizes is simple, all players have to do is fill juice bottles by landing three identical fruit symbols.

The Lemon bottle starts off with a win worth 3x bets, while Apple and Cherry result in 8x and 1x wins. If players land three symbols for a bottle that is already full, they receive a Bottle Win – giving them a top prize of the filled bottle: 100x for Lemon, 300x for Apple and 32x for Cherry.

Players must utilize the Collect button to take home rewards, as winnings can be snatched away if they land three X symbols. This dangerous icon can empty all bottles; therefore, players must apply game strategy and decide when to collect winnings.

Should players do the unthinkable and fill all three bottles at the same time, the game dishes out a mouth-watering 1,000x win – enhancing the experience and giving users a suitable reward for their hard work at Playson’s very own juice factory.

Nikolay Illiustrov, Playson Head of Games, said: “We’re extremely excited to announce Juice Inc., a title which not only enhances our product portfolio but paves the way for innovation in slots.

“The thrilling X-symbol creates a game mechanic that combines elements of crash games with fruit slots, giving players something quite rare. We’re confident that this new game style will entice players and give partners an easy choice for which title can enhance player engagement and retention.”


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