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sabato 4 gennaio 2020

Paddy Power Betfair’s head of marketing names ICE VOX as gaming's most important forum

The status of ICE VOX as gaming's most important forum for the exchange of ideas and forging collaborative partnerships has been underlined by Gabriele Sarti, Head of Brand Marketing, Paddy Power Betfair who has chosen the international gathering of gaming’s brightest minds to make his first ever conference appearance.

Explaining his decision to speak as part of the Marketing and Advertising stream, which takes place during ICE VOX from 3-4 February 2020 at ExCeL London, UK, Sarti said: "I have never spoken before, because I believe the right opportunity has not presented itself up until now. I think with the state of the industry being the way it is, we are going through a transitional period where a lot about the way we operate will be forced to change.

"There has rarely been a more pivotal moment than now to address the industry, as a whole, and share ideas about how we can move forward together, engaging our customers in an interesting but responsible way. ICE VOX is truly the largest and most international speaking forum available, so where better to make my conference debut?”

Addressing the twin issues of player recruitment and player retention, he explained: "In jurisdictions with very high marketing restrictions, we have been working hard to build stronger collaborations with relevant partners who bring the local knowledge at the heart of our content strategy to generate consideration, drive activation and retention. In these contexts, the effort is placed to create a mix of entertaining and educational content delivered in the most effective way by a trusted voice. There are three pillars around this initiative: Organic Reach: leverage existing communities to build on credibility and drive that traffic to our product and brand; Infotainment: mix education, insights, news and fun aligned with content that customers are most interested in, and Interactivity: have users interacting at the top of the funnel and the content strategy by thinking about the platforms, the audience, the channels and understanding efficiency.”


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