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sabato 19 novembre 2016

Brazilian Gaming Congress to discuss Internet gaming legislation

The legislative proceedings for the regulation of Internet gaming, bingo, casinos and lotteries in Brazil are at an advanced stage in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Proposed Laws 442/91 and 186/2014, providing for a regulatory framework for the sector, are initiatives proposed by the Federal Government to revive the economy by attracting new investment and creating new jobs. And it is a game worth winning. According to the Legal Gaming Institute, the segment has the potential to become a R$59 billion business, using countries where gaming is legal as reference.

The market is waiting for the vote and the approval of one of the projects soon. The third edition of the Brazilian Gaming Congress (BgC) is evidence of this. It is an event organized by Clarion Events that will take place on 20-22 November at the Tivoli Mofarrej in São Paulo. Taking as its theme "Magnifying Your Vision", the event will bring together leading experts and major players in the gaming segment to discuss key issues for the sector.

With a focus on business, BgC will provide participants with critical information about the commercial characteristics of each gaming segment (bingo, casino, online gaming and lotteries) and product specifications for the industry, thus helping all industry players to prepare to join a future regulated market.

"The focus of BgC is to describe and discuss the Brazilian market from the perspective of the regulation of the gaming industry. Discussions will address the positive impact that the definition of a legal framework will provide, such as attracting investment to all regions, generating revenue through taxes and increased employment opportunities in Brazil. Business prospects in this sector are very high," says the CEO of Clarion Events Brazil, Sergio Jardim.

Jardim stresses the importance of discussions around the theme. "There is prejudice and negative stereotype raised when gaming is discussed. But we must remember that when legalized, the gaming industry represents a source of revenue both for the private sector and the government. Moreover, this industry invests heavily in monitoring technologies to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities associated with various gaming segments," he says.


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