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sabato 24 ottobre 2015

Macao Gaming Show confirms 'Boom and Fire Zone' for exhibition

When it comes to the worldwide gaming industry, it's not just machines and gaming equipment that drives the sector. The infrastructure of a casino operation embraces so much more - which is why the Macao Gaming Show has been expanding its horizons in search of more and varied initiatives to capture the imagination of the forward thinking casino executive. This year, a new zone will be making its debut at MGS - and it's one that will keep the visitor thinking about the depth and breadth of the industry.

The Macao Gaming Show has announced the arrival of an innovative new area, the Boom & Fire Zone, at this year’s exhibition. With just over 30 days to go before the doors open to the Asian gaming industry’s primary expo, the innovative pavilion will represent the drive for diversification both on the MGS showfloor and in Macau's economic mix.

The Boom & Fire Zone will be a unique new area hosting a broad range of international companies attending MGS for the first time to showcase ancillary products in individual and inspiring ways.

The range of innovations are drawn from the support service industries and complimentary entertainment genres: with offerings as diverse as a full size kitchen replica from Arclinea; a giant simulator from Red Bull; or the implosive sound from 'the best speakers in the world' from high-end audio visual specialists Square Wave.

The Boom & Fire Zone forms part of the medium term policy to widen the remit of the Macao Gaming Show into a one-stop shop serving the gaming, entertainment and leisure industries. As such, MGS will feature a more diverse base of products and services than previous editions - and novelty will also be on the schedule. Reflecting this creative thinking at the show this year will be environmentally aware companies showcasing eco-friendly fire and vertical gardens and innovative Chinese brands showcasing horn products.


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