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sabato 27 giugno 2015

Greece's creditors restore VLT gaming tax to proposal

BRUSSELS -- Greece's creditors did a rapid about-face overnight Wednesday and restored the inclusion of Greece's proposed VLT gaming tax to the negotiating document.

The major focus and sticking point of the creditors remain pensions and VAT (Value Added Tax).

Yesterday, however the leaked IMF demands document, seen by Casino City Staff, indicated that the Greek government's proposed VLT tax of 30% had been thrown out by the IMF.

Today, the Financial Times obtained and uploaded a revised version of creditor demands. In the revised document, the proposed 30% taxation of Gross Gaming Revenues (GGR) on VLT games has been reinstated, indicating that creditors are now willing to include the proposed gaming tax.

The two sides do not appear any closer to resolution today and meetings will continue non-stop until Saturday.


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