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sabato 27 settembre 2014

Table Mountain Casino jackpots pay their newest winners over $22 mln in the last 60 days

FRIANT, California -- Table Mountain Casino is Central California's Winners' Paradise, with more than $22,000,000 in jackpots paid out to happy players over the past eight weeks! Yes, that's more than twenty-two million dollars in just a few short weeks!

Luck and winning abound for Table Mountain Casino Club Players with jackpots that are paying big and paying fast for winners from all across the Central Valley. This latest multi-million dollar winning streak started with the Table Mountain Casino Massive Cash Jackpot randomly paying out over $100,000 to a lucky Clovis player, then the Wheel of Fortune Progressive Jackpot hit and paid over $1.7 million to another Clovis player, then the Bad Beat hit, and then two more back to back random Massive Cash Jackpots hit, paying out huge winnings to lucky local Club Players.

Table Mountain Casino is located just 15 minutes north of Fresno and is home to the sensational and unique Massive Cash jackpot.


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