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sabato 27 settembre 2014

Pennsylvania likely to approve online gambling

The possibility of online gambling in Pennsylvania lives on, according to some of the state's most influential authorities.

Optimism in the State House

In a one-on-one interview, Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee Executive William Thomas asserted his strong belief in the importance of online gambling to the citizens of the state, in terms of integrating the interests of the state with the interests of the people as it continues within the state right now, regulated or not.

It's a rare thing in America to see a politician acknowledge the continuation of online gambling in unregulated form, but Thomas is refreshing pragmatic, stating that the reality is that many people are already gambling online and therefore on unregulated and unlicensed websites. Therefore, he would like to see the industry "regulated in Pennsylvania so that we can get the tax revenue and we can protect our constituents and citizens from somebody’s unregulated sites that they’re going on right now.”

Online gambling by 2015?

In relation to iGaming in the state, there are currently a total of six different proposals moving around the state House and Senate. Current prevailing wisdom envisions the legalization and regulation of online gambling in Pennsylvania by this time next year, after getting pushed to the back burner by legislators several times.

However, Thomas claims that with a new legislature and governor incoming, these legislative hurdles will dissolve for good, clearing the way for Pennsylvania to become the 4th US state to make online wagers available to residents, good for a yield of up to $113 million in annual tax revenues.

Online poker regulation soon after

Regarding online poker, 2017 seems to be the consensus date that experts agree will be the year of regulation for Pennsylvania. This prediction is based largely on a Sept. 10 report released by Morgan Stanley Research predicting legislative approval of a poker-only bill in 2016. Pennsylvania is likely to be one of a small group of states, with Morgan Stanley predicting California, New York and Illinois as the other states in that group.


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