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sabato 9 agosto 2014

Viktor Blom, a 600,000 dollars week

From the recording studio at the green table. Steve Albini, multi-talented music producer who brought Nirvana to worldwide success, it is also a good poker player. To reveal his passion was the site of international Pokerlistings who intercepted it during the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, while playing the tournament in Seven Card Stud $ 1,500 fee. In this test, Steve has hit the 14th place, taking home just over three thousand dollars.

Between one hand and the other Albini chatted with music journalists who recognized him, but mostly he also explained what kind of player is. "I really like playing at Stud» said, speaking then of his style at the table: "There are many players who talk, talk and talk. I prefer to remain silent and concentrate on the cards."


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