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sabato 9 agosto 2014

A film about Texas Hold'em starring Steven Seagal

Poker test again to break through to the cinema. After the success of Rounders, and the flop of Runner Runner, the mix for big box office is the one between a classic action movie, with lots of poker to mark scazzottare scenes and stunts. It's called "Gutshot Straight" (literally, "inside straight") and the output circuit in the United States, is scheduled for September 1.

Fans of the genre will not absolutely lose it, mainly because of the cast, with the hardest hard on the big screen. Among the players there is in fact Steven Seagal, martial arts superstar and even Vinnie Jones, the former very bad player who only plays to the cinema roles suited to his reputation in the field. To take the scenes, however, will be George Eads, already seen in the agent Nick Stokes from CSI.

Eads will play the professional poker player, Jack Daniel, grappling with the underworld after accepting a risky bet. Paulie Trunks, a specialist in debt recovery, will speak in his defense. Between a shooting and a car chase, there is also room to see a few hands of poker, although production did not think, even for a cameo, at no Vip in the world of the five cards.

Reason of disappointment for fans of Texas Hold'em, which are already wrinkling her nose, while they will be more enthusiastic fanatics action movie.


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