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mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Atlantic City at risk of default

Atlantic City at risk of default, just like Detroit. The city 'of New Jersey, known for its casino and known throughout the world as the new Las Vegas in 1976 when he decided to bet on gambling to boost its economy in crisis, seems to be destined to become the second city 'American bankruptcy.

Yesterday in Atlantic City announced the closure of the Revel, the last of his great casino, the 'green' or eco-friendly. Earlier this year they announced the closure of its 12 3 other casino, while the unemployment rate citizen and 'jumped to 13.8%

Indeed, gambling in Atlantic City in reality 'is not' never took off like the one in Las Vegas, and 'always remained at a poor level,' hit and run '.

While Las Vegas, the city 'of sin, and' become a real propra entertainment industry, the gambling capital of the United States, while Atlantic City and 'remained a place where Americans and especially New Yorkers traveling alone to play and then leave.


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