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sabato 6 aprile 2024

The first Italian online poker league is born

The first Italian online poker league, the Italian Poker League (IPL), was born. The league, organized by PokerStars, is made up of 10 teams made up of some of the best Italian professional players. 

How does IPL work? 

Teams will compete in a series of online tournaments throughout the year. 
The team that obtains the highest number of points at the end of the regular season will win the title of Italian champion. 

The IPL is an important event for Italian poker because: 

  • Promotes gaming in a healthy and responsible way. 
  • It offers Italian players the opportunity to compete at a high level. 
  • It allows amateur players to compete with professionals. 
  • Increases the visibility of poker in Italy. 

The IPL is a laudable initiative that will contribute to the growth of Italian poker and make it even more popular.


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