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sabato 25 febbraio 2023

LOTTO24 celebrates 11th birthday

LOTTO24 is celebrating its eleventh brand birthday today. In 2012, the company that was founded in Hamburg, Germany offered its online services nationwide for the first time. Just one year later, LOTTO24 had already established itself as the online market leader in the lottery sector in Germany. Another three years later, in 2016, one million loyal customers were already playing regularly at LOTTO24. Since 2019, the company has officially been part of the ZEAL Group.

Eleven years of record winnings

In eleven years of company history, LOTTO24 has already made more than 4.5 million customers dream and paid out a record winning sum of 1.2 billion euros. The last record winner was just a few weeks ago: In January, a 61-year-old LOTTO24 player from Bremerhaven in Germany hit the 107.5 million Eurojackpot, making it the biggest single win in the company's history.

Eleven years of commitment to a good cause

What many people don't know: Every ticket submitted to LOTTO24 over the past eleven years has supported charitable causes in the fields of education, health, culture and family. In addition, a large part of the proceeds from the social lotteries freiheit+ and German Dream House Lottery are also used to promote educational projects. In total, LOTTO24 has thus diverted more than EUR 1.2 billion to charitable causes over the past eleven years.

"We are proud of eleven extremely successful years of LOTTO24," said Jonas Mattsson, CFO of LOTTO24. "The density of winners among our customers is exceptionally high and we are delighted that we have made more than 4.5 million players dream over the past years. We will continue to keep our fingers crossed for all our customers in the future and continue to provide a convenient lottery experience with new products and features."


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