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sabato 16 gennaio 2021

Americas Cardroom publishes article on the world of Twitch poker

Americas Cardroom today announced that it has published an informative article about the Twitch poker scene on its website. "What You Need to Know About Twitch Poker" is the 7th installment in the U.S.-facing cardroom's definitive series of essential poker articles.

Americas Cardroom's freshly published article serves as both an introduction to the world of poker on Twitch and a practical guide to harnessing the popular streaming service for profit. It's also a valuable resource to webmasters looking for relevant, informative and engaging content for their readers.

"Although poker content on Twitch is booming, it still isn't top-of-mind for most online poker players. There's a misconception, especially among older players, that Twitch is for games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike. Yet the streaming site is a perfect match for poker players," stated Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris. "Our article clears up some of the Twitch misconceptions, explores the types of poker content available on it, introduces players to the concept of content creation, and explains how players can cash in on the trend."

The article begins by introducing the streaming service and examining how Twitch and poker are complementary. Readers learn that Twitch isn't just convenient, it's a poker goldmine that gives fans access to everything from tutorials and discussions of the game to livestreams of huge tourneys.

After the reader learns about the benefits of Twitch, the article describes how to become a poker streamer in five simple steps. With easy-to-follow instructions, even absolute novices can become part of Twitch's online poker community and start streaming their own play in a matter of minutes. Would-be streamers will also learn about the sorts of gear they'll need to thrive online.

Once readers are acquainted with the basics, they'll learn how Twitch streamers make money. The article even spells out how to become a Twitch affiliate and earn coveted partner status on the platform before it delves into other monetizing strategies. It concludes by answering seven frequently asked questions that every player will want to know the answers to.


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