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sabato 6 giugno 2020

Vegas casinos reopen, what to know

Las Vegas casinos reopen this week. Well, many of them will. But before you go making plans to hit Sin City, you better hear of the hidden danger that few people know about. Plus, learn which Vegas casinos reopened and which will remain closed for now.

More than two months into a state-mandated shutdown, several Las Vegas casinos reopen, along with restaurants, on June 4th. Nevada gaming authorities released a set of rules Wednesday before Las Vegas casinos reopen, including temperature checks, mask requirements for employees (and encouraged for guests), occupancy limits in gaming areas and social distancing. Clubs remain shuttered until further notice.

The Vegas reopen could see vacation plans ruined! Many people are unaware that a Las Vegas casino reopening could land them in a Vegas quarantine hotel! If a guest cannot pass the health examination when checking in, they may be subjected to a Vegas quarantine where they are taken to another (non-gaming) hotel and held until they are healthy... or go home.


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