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sabato 7 dicembre 2019

Chris Moneymaker has awarded over €156,000 in prizes

In just over a month, over €156,000 worth of Platinum Pass Packages has been awarded to PokerStars players as part of Moneymaker’s Road to PSPC global tour.

From Sochi to Reno, and across England and Ireland, Moneymaker has been awarding players a Platinum Pass in low buy-in live poker tournaments. Moneymaker’s Road to PSPC is the second tour of its kind after ‘The Moneymaker Tour’, which ran last year across the US and awarded Platinum Pass packages to celebrate Chris Moneymaker and his WSOP win in 2003.

The winners so far have come from all corners of the world including Brazil, the UK, Moldova, Sochi, and California with more winners to come in December and the new year.


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