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sabato 11 maggio 2019

MGM Resorts announces founding sponsorship of nonprofit foundation

Today MGM Resorts International announced that it will serve as founding sponsor of a newly formed nonprofit Foundation for Women's Leadership & Empowerment, dedicated to women's leadership education and empowerment.

The new foundation is expected to expand the footprint of the successful Annual Women's Leadership Conference, historically presented by The MGM Resorts Foundation in Las Vegas to other cities around the country. These conferences will focus on developing women leaders in all industries.

MGM Resorts' Phyllis A. James will leave her current post as Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity & Corporate Responsibility Officer this summer to assume presidency of the new foundation.

"Phyllis has had a stellar 17-year career with our Company in both the legal and CSR realms. I cannot applaud enough her contributions to the evolution of our systems, practices and most of all, our values and culture of inclusion," said Jim Murren, MGM Resorts Chairman & CEO. "In light of the deep passion and commitment she has brought to the quest for equality – both in our Company and beyond – and her steadfast dedication to our Foundation's Women's Leadership Conference, I cannot think of anyone better positioned to lead the new Foundation for Women's Leadership & Empowerment. MGM Resorts is proud to be Founding Sponsor for this new venture. I expect its conferences will inspire many, many women and other attendees to greater personal and professional achievements and help accelerate our society's movement toward gender equity."

The Annual Women's Leadership Conference, presented by the MGM Resorts Foundation, has been a centerpiece of MGM Resorts' diversity programs since 2006, hosting more than 1,000 women in recent years and featuring diverse and nationally recognized keynote speakers and accomplished women role models.

The mission of WLC is to provide women, and men who attend, the developmental tools they need to continuously advance their lives and careers. Through WLC, women from all community segments are offered a variety of ways to elevate their personal and professional lives, including networking opportunities, educational workshops and exposure to other women who can serve as role models, heroes or mentors. The conference also provides two days of career-oriented workshops that give attendees hands-on opportunities to develop skills based on their career needs.


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