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sabato 29 settembre 2018

Cafrino announces 1.5 million poker player merger

Social gaming company Cafrino has announced the merger of its two poker platforms, "Cafrino" and "National League of Poker." The integrated platform will continue under the iconic "National League of Poker" (NLOP) banner, online.

The merger will result in an NLOP player database of more than 1.5 million online players, and will take place in Q4 2018. After Cafrino's acquisition of NLOP in July 2017, the platform merger is "the next stage in the evolution of the Cafrino business," according to Chief Executive Officer, Michael Murphy.

"We've been planning this consolidation since we acquired NLOP," explained Murphy. "With this step, we are able to focus our resources on a single player experience and take our cash-award business model to the next level."

Murphy added, "This includes the consolidation of development teams, additional product enhancements, better customer support, and a larger prize pool. Not to mention the impact of more marketing resources focused on a single product."

With the move to NLOP, Cafrino players will have access to one of the best and longest running free-to-play online poker platforms.


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