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sabato 4 agosto 2018

Microgaming launches new poker software

Microgaming celebrates the launch of Prima on the MPN, a new online poker client designed to deliver a premium experience to players worldwide.

Built with players in mind, the new client features a streamlined interface to provide easy navigation to cash, tournament and casino games, which includes a blind cash game lobby and a simplified rewards system.

Most notably, the client has been developed with a strong focus on enhancing the user experience and promoting responsible gaming with increased transparency. The new Prima client includes a player history tool that displays overall profit and loss across all game types which can be filtered for any time period, giving players the ability to track and review their gameplay and make informed choices.

Using cross-platform technologies, Prima has been designed in a modular fashion and is powered from the same code-base that will enable Microgaming to swiftly deploy new updates across all platforms at the same time. With the new technology, the latest features can be delivered to players and new markets faster than ever before, in addition to supporting new and upcoming devices in future.

Microgaming’s new poker client is complemented by Ultra High Definition graphics, giving players superb gameplay resolution which is fully optimized for premium viewing on all supported devices. This is in addition to a fun feature for players that enables them to turn their hand history into a GIF, ready to be exported and shared on social media.

The new software rolls out from Thursday 26 July and will be available to all customers by 31 July.


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