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sabato 26 maggio 2018

PokerStars Ambassadors' Games begin

PokerStars Ambassadors have put their creative skills to the test in the ‘Platinum Pass Adventure,’ formulating new ways to give away PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) Platinum Passes, each worth $30,000, to their poker communities.

A select few have developed their own ideas to award players a Platinum Pass, providing new routes to qualify while complementing traditional online and live paths. Winning players will receive mentoring and coaching from their PokerStars Ambassador as they prepare for the PSPC felt in January 2019.

“We gave our Ambassadors free rein to get as imaginative as they wanted and show us the fun ideas they could bring to the table,” said PokerStars Director of Poker Marketing David Carrion. “They’ve come up with some great paths that really cater to their followers, giving players the opportunity to win, and not just at the poker tables. Keep an eye on what our Ambassadors are up to so you don’t miss your chance to get involved.”


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