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sabato 14 aprile 2018

PokerStars introduces early payout tournaments

PokerStars has recently introduced early payout tournaments, a new Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) feature which will contribute to a better gaming experience for players.

Once an MTT reaches a paid position, all eligible players will receive an immediate payout of the minimum cash amount specified in that tournament's prize structure. Any player who is eliminated after this will then be paid the difference between the minimum cash amount and the total prize earned.

The recent introduction of early payout tournaments has been very successful so far, with PokerStars already releasing more than $1 million a day to players, giving them more choices to play once they have reached a paid position without having to deposit additional funds.

Over half of the Multi-Table Tournaments at PokerStars are already using the early payout feature. Following this, PokerStars has decided to roll out the feature across all possible licenses in the coming months.


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