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sabato 18 novembre 2017

Casino Niagara completes $7 million in renovations

Niagara Casinos announces the re-opening of the second level at Casino Niagara after completing a $3.5 million renovation to the space and investing a further $3.5 million on new slot machines and gaming technology throughout the property.

"At Niagara Casinos, our mission is to provide all of our patrons with a world-class entertainment experience," said Richard Taylor, president, Niagara Casinos. "Our investment in Casino Niagara is helping us deliver on that mission, and with our new restaurant, poker room and next-generation gaming options, we are offering our patrons one of the most comprehensive entertainment experiences in southern Ontario."

The investment in renovations and improvements is part of Casino Niagara's plan to attract both loyal and new guests, keep business strong and continue delivering on Casino Niagara's promise of "just plain more fun."


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