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sabato 28 ottobre 2017

Phil Ivey loses $10 million case in UK Supreme Court

The highest court in the U.K. has ruled that Phil Ivey is a cheater. Ivey, of course, and many others are outraged by the decision, which was handed down on Wednesday by the U.K.’s Supreme Court. After losing his High Court appeal last year, Ivey got another day in court this week after being granted permission by the Supreme Court to appeal the order made in November 2016. The Supreme Court is the U.K.'s highest court of appeal for civil cases and only hears cases that "raise issues of general public importance."

But any hopes Ivey had of collecting his winnings were completely dashed this week when the court ruled that the Poker Hall of Famer, along with a female accomplice, cheated when he won 7.7 million pounds ($10.1 million) over the course of two days playing Punto Banco, a form of baccarat, at Crockfords Club in London in 2012.


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