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sabato 4 febbraio 2017

University student turns $1 into $1.5 million with PokerStars

A university student from Uruguay has turned just $1.00 into $1,517,303.08 on Millionaires Island to become the first ever jackpot winner on the million dollar progressive slot, which is exclusive to PokerStars Casino, an Amaya Inc. brand.

The Uruguayan player, whose screenname is 'LuisCancelaU', had been playing this popular slot game for three minutes, spinning just 17 times, before four Millionaires Island symbols appeared on the reels, and he needed just one more to hit the jackpot.

"It won't appear, these things don't happen," the 26-year-old, who preferred not to be personally identified, told PokerStars. Then the fifth symbol appeared and the jackpot feature went off to celebrate his incredible life-changing winning moment.

"I ran to my brother who was the only one in the house. I started shouting and shaking him and he was looking at me completely perplexed. I showed him my account so he would believe me. We hugged and cried, not because of the money but because we now would be able to give something back to our parents who have fought so hard to give us anything we needed."


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