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sabato 5 novembre 2016

Phil Ivey loses appeal against Genting Casinos

Phil Ivey has definitively lost his appeal against Genting Casinos U.K. this week. The appeal concerned whether he cheated by using a technique called edge sorting to win almost $10 million during a game of baccarat. It was decided that Ivey had been manipulating the odds in his favor and influencing the croupier to deal cards in specific ways.

Ivey won the sum in 2012 while playing at London's Crockfords Club Casino. Edge sorting – considered by some to be morally dubious – involves the player attempting to differentiate face-down cards as being high or low based on subtle differences in the cards' design or other flaws. Ivey claims this technique is perfectly legitimate.

The U.K. High Court seems to feel otherwise, as back in October 2014, Judge John Mitting ruled against Ivey's claim after he sued the Genting-owned casino in May 2013.

January 2014 saw Ivey appeal against the London High Court's decision. Now, more than two years later, judges of the Court of Appeal confirmed the original verdict of the case, meaning Ivey won't be seeing any of the money.


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