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sabato 22 ottobre 2016

Hollywood Park Casino announces grand opening

Hollywood Park Casino (HPC) has a new look and new friends at their expansive 110,000 square-foot facility. HPC is the first of new projects to open adjacent Inglewood's City of Champions Revitalization Project, meant to breathe new life into the area and attract visitors. The new Los Angeles Rams Stadium is also underway and set to open in the fall of 2019.

The HPC Grand Opening is scheduled for Oct. 21, with a chance for patrons to win $1 million dollars, free HPC goodies, commemorative coins and more to the first 1,000 guests. A celebrity poker tournament is scheduled for 22 October. While the guest list is being closely guarded, many Hollywood celebrities have been spotted playing at HPC in the past, including Ben Affleck, William Shatner and Jason Alexander.

"Our new building is 40% larger, holds 35 more gaming tables, and include a 20 percent increase in high limit," HPC General Manager Deven Kumar said. "And we are still just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and LAX Airport."

Los Angeles' newest attraction already has a lot of history. It originally opened in 1938 as a racetrack, owned by the likes of The Warner Bros., Walt Disney and Bing Crosby, before adding a casino in 1994. The racetrack closed in 2013, but the casino lived on.

"Revitalizing this facility, with all of its history and memories, will make HPC the premier casino and entertainment destination in Southern California," Kumar said. "This revitalization plan brings with it more jobs, new properties for residents and visitors to enjoy and explore, as well as increased revenue for our city; all without using any tax dollars for any of the construction. It's a win-win for Inglewood."


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