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sabato 28 maggio 2016

Casino Malta to host Cash Game Festival

Casino Malta by Olympic Casino hosted its Grand Opening Gala on Feb. 12 this year, and already in its first few months of operations it has established itself as a premium casino destination on the island.

We are very honored and proud to be able to host the second stop of Cash Game Festival 2016 from June 8-12. For players that would like to secure a seat to their favorite games, our registration is open.

The Cash Game Festival attracts players from all around Europe and of course a high amount of Malta based players due to the location, but we should not forget that Malta is a dream holiday destination for many, thus the amount of tourists or non-regular poker players is expected to be higher than normal.

As usual when it comes to Cash Game Festival, we aim to provide a wide variety of cash games at all different levels. Expect to see multi-stake NLH, PLO, DC (9 game) ROE, Sviten Special, 6-Plus hold'em and the increasingly more popular game Open Face Chinese.

"We have opened the doors to our casino just recently and still we have a steady stream of loyal customers as well as we see that we are a premium destination for an increasing amount of tourists," said Casino Malta Poker Manager Roman Gabriel. "Add to the mix that we have already hosted quite a few very successful poker events. I believe that Cash Game Festival has found a great location here in Malta at our casino and I am very excited to see the Maltese poker community show the rest of the world how this lovely game should be played."


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