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sabato 16 aprile 2016

Phil Ivey to appeal 'cheating' ruling on Wednesday

Professional poker player Phil Ivey has been granted permission to appeal the 2014 High Court ruling, in favor of Genting Casinos, for payment of £7.8 million won playing baccarat in Crockfords in August 2012.

The Court of Appeal judge, Lord Justice Lewison, when granting Ivey permission to appeal, stated that his grounds of appeal "raise an important question of law and have a real prospect of success." The appeal is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, April 13.

Phil Ivey, who at 40 is the youngest player to hold 10 World Series of Poker Championship bracelets, said from his home in Las Vegas, "As I said at the time of the London verdict in October 2014, it is not in my nature to cheat which is why I was so bitterly disappointed by the judge's decision, even though he said that I was a truthful witness and that he was sure that I didn’t believe that what I was doing was cheating. This wording from the Court of Appeal, that the grounds of our appeal raise an important question of law and have real prospects of success is quite simply the best news I’ve had since I won the £7.8 million at Crockfords three and a half years ago in August 2012."

Ivey is represented by Archerfield Partners LLP and Richard Spearman QC from Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers.


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