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sabato 12 marzo 2016

AGEM releases February 2016 index

The AGEM Index reported positive growth in February 2016 after falling 8.86 points in January 2016. The composite index stood at 197.00 at the close of the month, which represents an increase of 8.54 points, or 4.5%, when compared to January 2016. The AGEM Index reported a year-over-year increase for the fifth consecutive month, rising 4.29 points, or 2.2%, when compared to February 2015. During the latest period, eight of the 14 global gaming equipment manufacturers reported month-to-month gains in stock price, with two up by more than 50% and another up by more than 40%. Of the six manufacturers reporting declines in stock price during the month, only one was down by more than 10%. The broader stock markets experienced continued volatility and lackluster performances in February. The Dow Jones Industrial Average reported a modest increase month-to-month, rising 0.3% to 16,516.50. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ both reported month-to-month declines in February. The S&P 500 fell 0.4% to 1,932.23, while NASDAQ declined 1.2% to 4,557.95. Selected positive contributors to the February 2016 AGEM Index included the following: — With a stock price of $8.51 (+43.8%), Scientific Games Corporation (SGMS) contributed 3.69 points. — Konami Corp. (9766) reported a stock price of ¥2,739 (-1.0%) and contributed 1.47 points (changes in foreign currency exchange rates between periods impacted the composite score). — Astro Corp. (3064) contributed 1.16 points, due to a 109.2% increase in stock price to NT$41.00. Selected negative contributors included the following: — With a stock price of $7.07 (-12.0%), Daktronics, Inc. (DAKT) contributed negative 0.43 points. —INTRALOT S.A. (INLOT) contributed negative 0.13 points, due to a 5.0% decline in stock price to EUR 1.13.


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