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sabato 17 ottobre 2015

Hits $207,619 jackpot during casino's 17th birthday celebrations

Slotland's 17th birthday celebrations got off to a great start last week when a player hit the jackpot playing the Grand Fortune slot. Charles M. won the site-wide progressive jackpot that had climbed to $207,619. A car buff, he said he'll treat himself to a new car – and pass his current car down to his teenage son.

“I love cars so that will definitely be one or two of my first purchases!” the jackpot winner told a Slotland customer service representative. “My teenage son will love that too because I'll hand down my old car to him!.”

“Once I won about 3,000 bucks. That was nice but this is so much better!” he said. “I was totally dumbfounded when I realized what I'd won. The next morning I woke up so excited I stopped at a car dealer on my way to work thinking what new car to buy.”


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