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sabato 17 gennaio 2015

Football legend Ronaldo partakes in Bahamas at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Brazilian football legend and three-time FIFA Player of the Year Ronaldo has been spotted playing poker in the Bahamas this week. He is competing in the Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event and has his eye on the top prize of more than $1.4 million. The cash prize is only part of it though, as "El Fenómeno" proves he belongs alongside some of the best in the business as the Main Event of the festival heats up.

Ronaldo has already created a new record at this prestigious poker tournament however as he has gone the furthest out of any other sports star in the PCA's 10-year history - breaking Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia's record of 52nd place set in 2012. Commenting on the experience, Ronaldo said: "I'm really excited, it's the same emotion I used to have at the soccer fields playing at the highest level.

"The experience has been great. My first goal was to get a prize in a big tournament. I did that and now my focus is to get as deep as I can in the challenge - to get to the final table."
After his clash with tennis superstar Rafa Nadal in a heads-up poker charity event in late 2014, Ronaldo was determined to improve his game and has obviously been spending time working on his poker strategy.
With less than 35 players left from an original field of 816, Ronaldo is proving he can battle alongside some of the best in the poker world and currently stands to win at least $31,820 for his efforts. However the hopes are he can keep his calm and focus and make it all the way to the $1,491,580 top prize. Support is flooding in with celebrities and sports fans voicing their encouragement on Twitter with the hashtag #GoRonaldoPCA.


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