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sabato 13 dicembre 2014

Updates approved in Mexico to gambling legislation

Mexico's Chamber of Deputies has approved a gambling bill, which could eventually also see the legalization of online gambling, igaming business reported.

Mexico has been consumed with issues other than gambling such as violence and drug cartels, consequently up to 70 illegal casinos may exist in the country, the igaming business report said.

Other reports from a Mexican source OEM LINCA indicate that the new federal law will see the establishment of an Institute of Gambling and will require all casinos to be licensed.

The report also explained that this new law replaces or updates an earlier gambling act from 1947.

Mexico has reportedly moved closer to introducing fully-fledged online gambling regulation after its legislature voted in favour of a gambling bill.

The country has been linked with online gambling regulation during recent months, but such a move has only started to look likely in the last few weeks following an agreement between the National Action Party (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies voted 297-32 in favour of the new regulations on Friday, with the bill now due to go to the Senate for approval.

According to various reports, Ley Federal de Juegos con Apuesta y Sorteos, if approved, could see the Mexican online gaming market become a single-nation entity that is only serviced by a few providers, while there will be more transparent regulation of existing land-based gambling.

Regulation would stop Mexico from becoming a fully-participating member of a global player pool.


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