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domenica 13 luglio 2014

Poker: Negreanu loses a bet with his fans

A bet is always a gamble. They know well the champions of poker such as Daniel Negreanu, the most successful player in history (in his career he won almost $ 30 million) ready to pay his debt with a fan at the World Series in Las Vegas.

Daniel and Rebecca - the name of the girl - had met just a year ago WSOP and during a game of poker Negreanu began to explain his healthy lifestyle, telling her how much benefit would stretch from quitting smoking and drinking fizzy drinks . So it was that the two agreed, making a date one year after getting to Las Vegas if Rebecca had said stop smoking and soda, Daniel would have paid off in cash.

Said and done: Negreanu cross-Rebecca these days in Las Vegas and told her how she actually felt a lot better having followed his advice. Negreanu then proceeded to settle the debt by handing a ten dollar bill and renewing the covenant. If Rebecca manage to stay another year without soft drinks and cigarettes, the next time the reward will be $ 100.

Certainly not become rich, but will still be in better shape.


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