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sabato 3 maggio 2014

Ben Affleck cheats at blackjack

Ben Affleck does not begin auspiciously his career as a player. The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas dismissed the well-known Hollywood actor from the tables of the game because the security services were aware that the VIPs had the cards to win at blackjack, a technique for nothing loved one in the casino .

The unfortunate accident occurred Tuesday night . The actor, experienced player , was at a table of important bets. Counting cards is a technique that takes into account all the cards out on the table from the game in order to assess those that remain in the deck and then figure out if those who have remained are favorable to the player or the banker . The system is not illegal, but casinos reserve the right to decide whether to admit or expel a player when the ' pinch ' .

On what happened there is an aura of mystery. According to some sources , Affleck was not expelled , but was asked to leave the casino and the security men told him he was "too good " to stay at the table.

According to the gossip site , the actor - who was in Las Vegas with his wife Jennifer Garner pass before you start filming the sequel to Man of Steel , Batman vs. Superman was instead permanently banned entry in the casino. Big fan of card games , the acclaimed actor and director is not only good camera , but also lucky at the gaming tables in 2008 , has won 800 thousand dollars, according to TMZ, blackjack betting 20 thousand dollars in three simultaneous hands .


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